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PhD Program

The three study streams at the graduate level are Western Religions, Eastern Religions, and Nature of Religion. Feasibility of programs within these streams is dependent on available research resources and faculty expertise. See Research

Course Requirements

For students with a Master of Arts in Religious Studies, five half-courses are required in addition to individualized requirements set by the Departmental Graduate Committee at the time of admission:

PhD Courses
RELS 701   Studies in Western Religions
RELS 703   Studies in Eastern Religions
RELS 705   Studies in the Nature of Religion
RELS 707   PhD Departmental Colloquium
RELS 709   Advanced Critical Discourses in the Study of Religion

Graduate course work completed prior to admission and not counted towards satisfying undergraduate degree requirements will be considered by the Graduate Committee in determining course requirements.

Course requirements are normally completed by the end of the first year, but must be completed before the Candidacy examination may be taken.

Dissertation Proposal
    The dissertation proposal must be approval by each member of the student' supervisory committee, acknowledged by individual signature and date (see Dissertation Proposal Approval by Committee form), and by the Departmental Graduate Committee no later than 24 months after admission to the program with a completed master's degree. The proposal should be no more than 20 pages in length and must obtain all required approvals before the student is allowed to take the candidacy examination.

Dissertation Requirements
Successful completion and defense of a dissertation. The dissertation will have the following maximum: 100,000 words (excluding bibliography).

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