University of Calgary

Annual Peter Craigie Memorial Lecture

Inaugurated in 1988, the lecture series honours the memory of our colleague and friend, Peter Craigie (d. 1985). Prof. Craigie was a member of the department of Religious Studies, Dean of the Faculty of Humanites, and Vice-President (Academic) of the University.

Each year, a distinguished lecturer is invited to address the university and Calgary area communities on topics from the discipline of Religious Studies.

The lecture series is sponsored by the Faculty of Arts, the Department of Religious Studies, and the University Chaplains.

Peter Craigie

Two academic biographies are available: H.G. Coward, "Academic Biography of Peter C. Craigie," Ascribe To The Lord. Biblical and Other Studies In Memory of Peter C. Craigie (vol. 67; eds. L. Eslinger and J. G. Taylor; Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1988), 593-97; L. Eslinger, "Peter C. Craigie," Bible Interpreters of the Twentieth Century (eds. W. A. Elwell and J. D. Weaver; Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 1999), 411-22.

Click here for a bibliography of works by and about  Peter Craigie compiled by Saundra Lipton, Religious Studies Librarian, Libraries and Cultural Resources, University of Calgary.

Previous Craigie Lecturers

Paul Spilsbury (Regent College)

 Flavius Josephus, the Zealots, and Jewish Theocracy

John G. Stackhouse Jr
(University of British Columbia) 

Putting God in His Place: Does Theology Belong at the University?

Daniel K. Falk
(University of Oregon) 

Singing With Angels: Prayer in the Dead Sea Scrolls

Vasudha Narayanan
(University of Florida) 

From Cambodia to Canada: The Construction of Global Hindu Traditions

Zayn Kassam
(Pomona College)

Muslim Women and the Jihad for Gender Justice

Jeremy Begbie
(Duke Divinity School)

The Sound of Freedom: Music of Liberation
2009Uwe Siemon-Netto
(Center for Lutheran Theology and Public Life)
Voters as Priests – The Lutheran Paradox
2008J. Glen Taylor
(Wycliffe College)
The Book of Psalms and Jesus as the Suffering Messiah
2007Robin Margaret Jensen
(Vanderbilt U. Divinity School)
The Face of Christ: The Visible Image of the Invisible God
2006Elliot R. Wolfson
(New York University)
Envisioning the Invisible: The Mystical Quest to See God in Judaism
2005J. Richard Middleton
(Roberts Wesleyan Coll.)
Does God Come to Praise Job or to Bury Him?
2004George Brooke
The Dead Sea Scrolls in the Twenty-First Century
2003Steven Wasserstrom
(Reed College)
Prince Moonbeam, Beezlebaby, and the Death of Monotheism
2002Adele Reinhartz
(Wilfrid Laurier)
The Grammar of Violence in the Gospel of Love: Reading John in the Twenty-First Century
2001John Kloppenborg
(St. Michaels' College)
The Lost Gospel of Q. The Earliest Record of Jesus' Galilean Followers
2000Diane Apostolos-Cappadona
Breaking Codes: Iconoclasm in Christianity and Islam
1999Karen Jo Torjesen
When Women Were Priests: History at the Intersection of Gender and Religion
1998Dale Cannon
(W. Oregon)
Different Facets of the Problem of Meaning and How Religions Help Us Meet Their Challenge
1997Ninian Smart
(UC Santa Barbara)
Religions and Globalization in the 21st Century
1996Bernard Cooke
(Inc. World College)
The Impact of Feminist Theology on Classical Trinitarian Formulations
1995Norma Joseph
Women Reading Biblical Women
1994Colleen Cutschall
Voice in the Blood: Creation and Time in the Lakota Sacred Tradition
1993James A. Sanders
The Dead Sea Scrolls and Biblical Studies
1992Diane Bell
(Holy Cross College)
Living the Dream: The Power of Aboriginal Myths
1991Stephen G. Wilson
Marcion: The First Christian Heretic
1990Hanna Kassis
Fundamentalism as a Response to Crisis: Muslim and Christian Relations in Medieval Spain
1989Peter Richardson
Popular Religion in Galilee in the Time of Jesus
1988Terence Penelhum
Religious Faith and Moral Change