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Graduate Student Funding


Graduate Student Funding

MA students normally receive $14,000 per year for two years. Some of this funding comes in the form of teaching assistantships. Students normally complete their programs within two years.

PhD students normally receive $20,000 or more per year for four years. The funding comes in the form of scholarships, teaching assistantships, and in the latter years of the program, teaching appointments.

SSHRC: All eligible students must apply for both SSHRC (PhD deadline October 15th) and the University's Graduate Award Competition (deadline February 1st). The SSHRC deadline for MA students is December 1st. Please click here.

Teaching opportunities normally are offered to qualified PhD students  after successful completion of their candidacy exams at the end of their second year of study. The teaching experience gained thereby adds immensely to successful placement in an academic position at the completion of the degree.

Note: Tuition fees are significantly less for all students in the second year of the MA program and for PhD students after the completion of Candidacy Exams. See Fees for information.