University of Calgary

Graduate Research Areas


Graduate Research is supported in the following areas:

Eastern Religions – Buddhist Studies; East Asian Religions; Chinese philosophy; Hinduism; Indian philosophy; South Asian Religions

Nature of Religion – Comparative religion; comparative philosophy and religion; religious pluralism; science and religion; women and religion; religion and film; religion and place studies; African religions; new religious movements; hermeneutics; theory and method in the study of religion

Western Religions – Ancient Israel; Biblical mythology; Rabbinic Judaism; Jewish philosophy; Christian origins and early Christianity; women in early Christianity; early modern Protestantism (Anabaptism, German Pietism, Protestantism and Enlightenment); Christian spiritual autobiography

The following are accepting new Graduate Students:

Wendi Adamek

James Apple

Chris Framarin

Katrin Froese

Irving Hexham

Morny Joy

Anne Moore

Elizabeth Rohlman

Tinu Ruparell

Eliezer Segal

Douglas Shantz

Virginia Tumasz (MA only)